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Development costs

  • It depends on the specs of the software, although for a complete development of a commercial app, a rough estimate can be made using app_retail_price * 1000
  • For prototype apps, experimental apps, with minimum GUI or just Command-UI and with no "user-satisfaction" improvements: just ask me, it can be much lower than above case!


  • After receiveing from you a detailed brief, I'll write down the specifications, define the turnaround times and set the milestones for the project
  • Once you agree with it, you will PayPal me for the whole project or just for the milestones that you'd like to proceed with, and I'll start working

Simple rules for a fair trade!

  • Payment can be split, and the minimum amount to send at a time is 200 USD
  • You pay before I work
  • If you terminate the project before it's completed, I'll refund for the days/weeks I haven't spend yet
  • If I terminate it, I'll refund for the days/weeks after the last achieved milestone


  • I can share the source code upon request without any extra charge
  • You will hold all intellectual property rights for the software
  • I will not disclose any information regarding the software or your company
  • I will fix bugs as best as I can at each milestone
  • I can write a technical documentation upon request
  • I'm a licensed JUCE developer, and an Avid Connectivity Partner

Expertise in

  • Audio and MIDI software development in C/C++/Objective-C/Swift
  • Audio frameworks such as Core Audio, Core MIDI, JUCE, and more
  • DSP design
  • Custom GUI programming
  • Cross-platform development for macOS/Windows/iOS/Android
  • Custom Development, Prototype Software

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Visit Forum (KVR) for general questions, requests, and open discussions. Or send email such for confidential matters. In most cases, you won't wait more than a day for a response.

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