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Hosting AU microDAW is a micro-sized Digital Audio Workstation for Mac OSX that hosts Audio Unit instruments and effect plugins. It comes with 4ch+1 mixer with external audio input, 32-bit recorder, music-typing feature “LazyKey".

With a MIDI sequencer, you can make any type of music that focuses on simplicity (for dancing or whatever!) super quickly. I mainly recommend Hosting AU to those who are:

Beginners (and who wants to teach them)

As Hosting AU is the simplest DAW available today, you’ll need to learn nothing more than very basic things such as what a synth is, how recording works, what MIDI is, etc.

Mature Musicians and Developers

Hosting AU does the quickest job in every part, from launching until quitting. It can host even older plugins from Intel-era and works on every Mac OS version from Snow Leopard to the very latest one. I believe that you'll find a use for it:)

It does not "wrap" the plug-ins, things are connected and run directly, so you’ll have the best hosting results in terms of both sonic quality and cpu/memory efficiency. You'll also get the lowest latency possible.

Serious Music Listeners

As Hosting AU supports Cycling 74’s SoundFlower (check their website, it’s free to grab from here), you can virtually wire between Hosting AU and any other app that uses audio. Good thing is that you can insert effects after the input, so for instance, you can listen to internet radio in a better way, through your quality plugins;)

Other Info

Hosting AU is only about 600KB of size, surprisingly that could be stored on a 2DD floppy diskette:D. The app itself is self-contained, so you won’t have to worry about files scattered around your system, when you get it installed. Just grab your copy today, and give it a try! As Hosting AU hosts Audio Unit plugins, you can expand it with a variety of plug-ins. I recommend my Gimmick synth to be installed and if you like it, please buy it!


Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or later.

To host older plugins, open it in 32-bit mode (hit command-i and check the "Open in 32-bit mode option in the Info Panel"). To host AUv3 plug-ins, run it on El Capitan or above in 64-bit mode.

Version Info

1.5.0 - Made compatible with AUv3 on El Capitan or above.
1.3.9 - Fixed window height issue for AUMatrixReverb and some other plugins that use AUGenericView.
1.3.8 - Added sample rate converter and multiple sample rate support, setting for buffer size, selectable MIDI input port, new level indicator, and translucent Core Window. Redesigned audio input buffering structure for more stability.
1.3.7 - Private fixes.
1.3.6 - Fixed issue on updating parameter status.
1.3.5 - Fixed Ext-In compatibility for Snow Leopard and About panel.
1.3.4 - Added plugin copy feature. Changed to sort audio devices alphabetically.
1.3.3 - Fixed issues on MIDI handling part and Ext-In.
1.3.2 - Added MIDI output support for sequencer type plugins.
1.3.1 - Added some neat features. Redesigned external input, and bunches of stability, crash-proof fixes.
1.3.0 - Private fixes.
1.2.9 - Fixed Carbon issue for Yosemite.
1.2.8 - Added syncing feature that allows to sync to internal/external clock. Also MIDI router is now possible to connect to effect plugins as well as instrument plugins.
1.2.6 - Fixed MIDI handling issue.
1.2.5 - Mixer has been redesigned and improved, fixed ext-in issue and mono compatibility.
1.2.2 - Fixed compatibility issue with BassStation and Moto Q.
1.2.1 - Fixed MIDI switcher issue.
1.2.0 - Released publicly.

Video Tutorial

Thanks to heroinDRAGON, here's a video that describes the basic usage of Hosting AU!


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