Real-Time Audio Freezer and Microlooper

Frosting is a simple but powerful audio-freezer effect for your DAW. It can be used for all sorts of interesting audio manipulations: rhythmically gate a sound, create glitchy, stutter or beat-repeater effects, turn anything into a pulsating drone or just use it as a minimalistic looper.

Available for Mac (AU, VST, AAX, 10.6 or Later) and Windows (VST, AAX, 7 or Later)




Easily freeze any incoming audio into a microloop, define the play direction of the microloop.


The length of the microloop can be synced to the host's clock or set manually with a slider.


The built-in 8-step gate sequencer lets you create rhythmic patterns with your freezed audio.


"It’s all terribly simple, elegantly designed. I imagine it’s an excellent tool for live use"

"It makes performing with at least one button easy and unbores™ your audio"

"Frosting audio freezer and microlooper promises to do cool things to your audio"



Instructional Demo One

Instructional Demo Two

Background Photo by Brian Chan


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